Nairobi-Newton partnership

The Nairobi Newton Partnership is a relationship that has existed between PCEA Nairobi East Presbytery and the Newton Presbytery (Presbyterian Church USA) in association with the North and Central Nairobi presbyteries. This relation began in 1993 and has been instrumental in benefiting individuals and congregations through shared Christian fellowship, increased cross-cultural awareness, and experiencing the joy of making a difference in lives, invaluable rewards felt by all who have been touched and lifted up by the Holy Spirit at work through the Partnership.

As the relation turns a new leaf in 2018, the partnership is focusing on creation of experiences which enable participants to give of and gain for themselves through service and Christian fellowship by engaging in “hands-on” mission activity in each other’s homeland, confirming our common confession of the same Lord while carrying out his ministry within our respective cultures.

The Nairobi- Newton team will initiate and assist individuals in all presbyteries in planning and coordinating such mission experiences.

Learn more about the history of the partnership here.

Learn more about our future goals and objectives

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