PEC (Soweto)- A project of PCEA Nairobi East Presbytery

The Presbyterian Education Centre (PEC) is a non-profit institution run by the Presbyterian church of East Africa in Soweto slums Embakasi sub-county and currently caters for 200 children. Through the support of the church and other well-wishers, the school has continued to offer quality education and hope to the poor children from Soweto slums. Apart from offering education, the school also has a feeding programme which makes it possible to retain the pupils in school giving the parent time to look for casual employment whenever possible without worrying what the children would eat during the day. Please find attached document for more information.


To become Christian centre of excellent
education for Soweto and beyond.


To provide sustainable education services to the
children of Soweto under Christian influence.



PEC Introduction

Presbyterian Education Centre which is in the Soweto slum, serves as a Christian outreach to a very needy community. The school is a fully fledged primary school registered with the ministry of education(PE/15563/14), currently hosting more than 190 children of ages between 3-13 years.
The school was initiated in February 2000 as a feeding centre and operates under the oversight of PCEA Nairobi East Presbytery.
The centre admits pupils in all classes. They are drawn from Soweto slums. Some of them are orphans and vulnerable to the negative conditions of the slum.
These children would normally not attend school due to the high poverty levels existing in the area. Away from school, they would be interacting with drug addicts and an infected neighborhood. By attending the church based school the pupils are expected to successfully go through primary education and beyond.

PEC Location

Presbyterian Education Centre is located 14Km from Nairobi CBD via Jogoo RD in Soweto slums of Nairobi East District, in Embakasi East Constituency. It is within Kayole Estate and draws its pupils from the slums dwelling community of Soweto slums with a population of more than75,000 residents (see map).

PEC Need for a primary school

The need to progress the centre to lower primary and eventually to full primary school was informed by the fact that those who left the centre never seemed to proceed to primary school anywhere, falling back in the slum life of illiteracy and crime.
We are committed to give these children an education that can make a difference in their future and also allow them to act as change agents in the community

Challenges facing PEC

Soweto slum is home to a low income community, who mainly offer casual labour due to lack of formal education. They trek to the distant industrial area of Nairobi City in search of employment as unskilled labour which is low
paying. Many a times, they cannot find work which can adequately cater for their families. As a result of this, education for their children is not a priority.
Presbyterian Education Centre offers a rare opportunity for these children to get away from home and street life. The parents release their children to school knowing that they will be under responsible care.
These children also receive meals for the day under the school feeding programme.
The School charges an average low fee of fourty five(45) Kenya shillings per child per day to ensure commitment. However, most parents still fail to pay. Despite this the Church resolved to keep the children in school which is safer than letting them loiter in crime infested alleys of the slum.
The PCEA Nairobi East Presbytery has committed to cater for the recurrent expenditure that keeps the Centre open. However, that is a far cry from sustainability and development hence, the need expressed in this proposal,
hoping to reach people of goodwill everywhere to help change the cause of these children and their future.
The Church pledges total accountability in line with the Christian principals of
responsible stewardship. We seek your support to improve this facility to a level fitting the noble mission of our goal.

“Educating Children To
Build A Community”

The school is run by a board of directors appointed by the Nairobi East Presbytery. A third(⅓) of the Board members are drawn from education sector and the rest are professionals from other relevant fields. With your support, we know we can move forward. Let us partner together in service to God.

PEC How to donate

  • You can be a partner to keep Soweto slums children in school:
  • You can make a donation towards school development.
  • You can sponsor a child for tuition/ uniform.
  • You can feed a child for a term/year.
  • You can support any ongoing activity in consultation with the school.
  • Send cheques or Bank transfer contributions to:
    Bank Name:
    Equity Bank Branch: Kayole, Nairobi
    Account Name: Presbyterian Education Centre
    Account No: 0650299030572
  • Send further enquiries to email:
    [email protected]
  •  Send mail to:
    Presbyterian Education Centre (Soweto)
    P.O Box 154-00518 Nairobi
  • You can also send love gifts to the above address.