The Newton-Nairobi Partnership invites your contributions to assist with the 2020 educational support of Kenyan children in either of our two schools supported by our long standing partnership and a consistent desire that has seen many lives bettered. As Jesus said, what you do to your neighbor, you do to him: KES 21,000 provides the annual cost for an urban child attending the PCEA K-8 Presbyterian Education Centre set in…Keep Reading


To lead, to guide and protect, these are the quality of both a leader and a shepherd. A shepherd tends to his flock and makes sure no harm comes to them , when one gets lost he goes out of his way to look for it and makes sure to bring it to the rest of the flock. We have at some point heard stories about Christ and how he…Keep Reading

Lets choose the right leaders to ensure a bright future choose the right leaders to ensure a bright future

To lead is to have power and having power means being called to serve others. Being a leader requires so much but again so little. This means that anyone can be a leader but not everyone can lead. Over the years, we have had so many forms or leadership starting from kings, lords, emperors, and even spiritualists all of whom serve a purpose of guidance. So what exactly does a…Keep Reading

God Has Deadlines Too! Has Deadlines Too!

Expiring time, end time, deadline…all of these simply mean that the items at hand have gone bad or are no longer needed. The same applies to us as humans; there reaches a point in our lives where we get fed up with other people and decide to give them two options, to change or leave and never come back. These options always have a duration, and when the “deadline ” is…Keep Reading

Student minister licensing service of Rev Jecinta W Kiugi at PCEA Mwihoko minister licensing service of Rev Jecinta W Kiugi at PCEA Mwihoko

Licensing service for student minister Jecinta Kiugi took place on Aug 18th at PCEA Mwihoko, Ruai West Parish presided by Rev Peter Kania PCEA secretary General and PCEA Nairobi east presbytery moderator Rev David Muthui and witnessed by the entire Presbytery.View photos of Jecinta accompanied by her husband Rev Samuel Kiugi as she received the power that pertains to the holy calling from presbytery co-clerk Rev Miiru.

Elders capacity building retreat capacity building retreat

On August 8 Pcea Nairobi East concluded a successful Church elders capacity building retreat at Hilltop hotel Kigali Rwanda. More than 300 Church elders from all our 12 parishes attended. They were hosted by the Presbytery office led by Rev David Muthui and the entire office. We give God all the Glory for journey mercies as we headed back and from our homes in Kenya. We also give thanks to…Keep Reading

Celebrating Pentecost Pentecost

What is celebrated on Pentecost? Pentecost is a festival when Christian believers commemorate the being sent a helper in the Holy Spirit. The modern-day church schedules this commemoration on a Sunday that falls 50 days after the celebration of Easter. Christian believers view the day of Pentecost as the birthday of the modern day church. The day of Pentecost marks the beginning of spreading the gospel so that all nation…Keep Reading

Why Jesus Said Love Our Enemies Jesus Said Love Our Enemies

When Jesus stated that people should love their enemies, He was making fresh guidelines for affairs. He declared to the gatherings that they are supposed to love their neighbors because “love” is a commandment from God and it should be observed. Jesus illuminated to His supporters that they must observe the genuine connotation of God’s commandment by loving their neighbors and their adversaries as well. At one instance a Pharisee…Keep Reading

How to Plan Daily Prayer Time With God

How to Plan Daily Prayer Time With God

A good number of Christians have not yet revealed that having time with God is an opportunity that they receive and not a routine or responsibility that they are expected to perform. Getting underway with everyday prayers takes merely a moment of preparation. There is absolutely no set guidelines of what prayerful period should look like, so Christians are supposed to take a deep breath and relax. Maybe part of…Keep Reading

How To Become A Good Church Leader To Become A Good Church Leader

  A good church leader does not allow him or herself to get pulled into organizational minutia by discoursing the number of hours the church clerk should work. Church leaders recognize that their responsibility is high-level supervision, which comprises setting the way for the church, making main strategy decisions, and working out monetary oversight. Resilient church frontrunners are not only theologically and academically organized to lead their groups, but they…Keep Reading