How to keep your children entertained during the school holidays to keep your children entertained during the school holidays

Most often, the most daunting task for parents during the holidays is how to keep the children amused, especially faced with a shortage of time due to the modern living schedule. Topping that with the current high cost of living, parents have limited options when it comes to engaging their children. The following are top tips to help some of the stress of it and keep everyone happy without having…Keep Reading

Our 10 most favourite Bible Verses 10 most favourite Bible Verses

It is hard to choose only 10 verses from the entire Bible. However, there are those few verses that you have known all your life, maybe you memorized one as a child, or you resonate with one verse in a particular strong way as it was helpful during a certain stage in your life. Well this is a list of our ten favourite all time verses. Hopefully you will feel…Keep Reading

History of the PCEA church in Kenya of the PCEA church in Kenya

oday we will take a walk down memory lane and look at how far our church has come along. The Presbyterian Church of East Africa was an idea in 1889 (more than 100 years ago) and today boasts more than 4,000,000 million members, over 1500 congregations, over 500 parishes, and 55 presbyteries in Kenya and Tanzania. Let us turn back the hands of time and look at an abridged version…Keep Reading

Why you should sing more you should sing more

If you can talk you can sing. Everyone should sing every once and again. You may tell yourself that you do not have the talent to sing professionally or even publicly, and while that may be true, that should not prevent you from singing. You can choose a sing-along event, the shower, the car, or anywhere you feel uninhibited if the choir turns you down. You should sing regularly as…Keep Reading

What is fasting and why you should do it is fasting and why you should do it

God considers fasting important. In fact, the Bible contains no less than 92 mentions of instances where people fasted to ask for forgiveness or receive Gods grace. As Christians, Jesus set a clear examples for us, as he fasted regularly, even going as far as to officially start his ministry with prayer and fasting. Prayer and fasting is defined as voluntarily going without food in order to focus on prayer…Keep Reading

What Is Stopping You from Sharing Your Faith? Is Stopping You from Sharing Your Faith?

Jesus has called on everyone who follows Him to take the Gospel message to the world. Yet recent studies show that only two percent of evangelical Christians actually evangelize. What stops us from sharing our faith with others? One of the main reasons is that few people enjoy conflict. We want to get along with others, and it is much easier to stick to topics where we can agree, or…Keep Reading

Brand new horizon in the Nairobi Newton Partnership new horizon in the Nairobi Newton Partnership

Moving forward Recent re-evaluation of the 21-year relationship by representatives of both the Newton-Nairobi Partnership Team (PCUSA) and the Nairobi Partnership Board (PCEA) has reinforced our mutually strong desire to continue our mission work into the future, if it be the will of God. Despite the challenges along the way, the parties are as committed as ever to the original shared vision. The benefits gained, by individuals and congregations, through…Keep Reading

A walk down memory lane walk down memory lane

A brief history of the Nairobi-Newton Partnership between 1986 and 2004 1986 : Having volunteered for 1980 with an NGO in Kenya and serving as Stated Supply Pastor with the Hackettstown Church 1983-86, Rev. Keith Barkley returns to Kenya to launch an independent indigenous effort to build a safe-water delivery system among rural villages of Kibwezi. 1987: Hackettstown area churches ecumenically begin financial support of the water project; several Newton…Keep Reading

Four questions to ask when you want to make the right decision questions to ask when you want to make the right decision

Making difficult life decisions causes instant fear and anxiety. Thoughts about future outcomes race through your mind in an uncontrollable emotional rollercoaster. We all know that the future is unpredictable, but we pretend otherwise when faced with significant decisions. Although we love the freedom to choose our own destiny, the responsibility of authoring our own life story weighs heavy on our shoulders when faced with difficult decisions. Here are four…Keep Reading

The role of the Holy Spirit role of the Holy Spirit

The Christian holiday of Pentecost, which is celebrated on the 50th day after the weekly Sabbath during the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Leviticus 23:15), commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ while they were in Jerusalem celebrating the Feast of Weeks, as described in the Acts of the Apostles. The Pentecost is an important holiday because it represents when God extended…Keep Reading