The Newton-Nairobi Partnership invites your contributions to assist with the 2020 educational support of Kenyan children in either of our two schools supported by our long standing partnership and a consistent desire that has seen many lives bettered. As Jesus said, what you do to your neighbor, you do to him:

KES 21,000 provides the annual cost for an urban child attending the PCEA K-8 Presbyterian Education Centre set in Nairobi’s Soweto slum, assisting financially-limited families take advantage of this opportunity.

KES 30,000 is the annual education fee at the PCEA Kibwezi Polytech for the educational training of rural male and female youth with employable skills in auto maintenance, electricity, welding, dressmaking & tailoring and hairdressing & spa.

Contributions toward scholarships for support of 2020 schooling should be made by December 1, 2019.

Mail your check payable to Nairobi East Presbytery with the memo marked either “Soweto P.E.C.” or “Kibwezi Polytech.”

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