Why Jesus Said Love Our Enemies


When Jesus stated that people should love their enemies, He was making fresh guidelines for affairs. He declared to the gatherings that they are supposed to love their neighbors because “love” is a commandment from God and it should be observed. Jesus illuminated to His supporters that they must observe the genuine connotation of God’s commandment by loving their neighbors and their adversaries as well. At one instance a Pharisee questioned Jesus concerning the real meaning of a neighbor. Jesus then articulated the Moral tale of the “Good Samaritan”. In this parable, Jesus showed that His supporters must exhibit love to all classes of individuals irrespective of their personality, faith, and nationality -adversaries included. Loving your neighbors as well as those who oppress you shows that you rightly disclose that Jesus is the controller of your existence.

By utilizing a description of the rain falling as well as the sun rising on both the evil and the good, Jesus displays God’s unconditional love to everybody regardless of their religious views. Jesus’ followers then should mirror His charisma and show the same unconditional affection for both enemies and friends. Jesus is showing people that they should live by a greater worth than what the society anticipates—a condition that is difficult for people to attain by their individual determinations. It is only by the control of God’s Essence that His followers can rightly pray and love people who plan to hurt them.

Forgiving Our Enemies

The capability to hold back forgiveness and indulge in self-satisfied moods is a potent influence. A supernatural being is the God of fairness and thus individuals should forgive those who persecute them. Insults should be amended to ensure that there is a peaceful co-existence. Declining to forgive does not award people power, but instead, it subjects individuals to iniquity. Feeling dislike for other people infrequently creates a noteworthy change in their lives. There is completely nothing good that results from failing to forgive. This explains the reason why Jesus stated that people are supposed to forgive one another “seventy-seven times”.

Most essentially, when people defy God’s commandments, which comprises the command to forgive and love they go against His rules. In declining to forgive another individual, people commit iniquity against that individual, but likewise against the Supernatural being. God requires people to show love and forgiveness to their neighbors.

Praying For Our Enemies

The Bible says that people should pray and bless their enemies instead of cursing them. When one prays for his or her enemies it shows that they are observing the commandment of God which directs all people to love their enemies. What individuals say and do about their adversaries have a big impact on them. Praying for your enemy does not mean that one is weak, as a matter of fact, it shows how caring one is towards their enemies.

In order to show love, Christians are supposed to care and pray for their enemies so that God can exalt them. Failing to love and pray for one’s enemies betrays the relationship that Christians have with God. Christians should turn to God through prayers when they are persecuted and abused by their enemies.

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