The Newton-Nairobi Partnership invites your contributions to assist with the 2020 educational support of Kenyan children in either of our two schools supported by our long standing partnership and a consistent desire that has seen many lives bettered. As Jesus said, what you do to your neighbor, you do to him: KES 21,000 provides the annual cost for an urban child attending the PCEA K-8 Presbyterian Education Centre set in…Keep Reading

Let God help you as you take your exams

Let God help you as you take your exams

The exam period is approaching fast. I know that scares many people, especially if it s a major milestone in your professional career. Sitting for an examination can be one of the most trying moments in a student’s life. However, did you know that with God’s assistance, you could prepare for your exams and pass? Having trust in God is the most profound thing a human thing can ever do….Keep Reading

How to prepare yourself for a major exam to prepare yourself for a major exam

Now that exam season is here, most students now have to pass through this filter to progress to the next stage of their professional careers. However, nailing it does not use the one fits all strategy. That is why every student must choose what works for them and follow that to the letter. However, there are known steps one can take to make sure they are prepared for any major…Keep Reading