The Newton-Nairobi Partnership invites your contributions to assist with the 2020 educational support of Kenyan children in either of our two schools supported by our long standing partnership and a consistent desire that has seen many lives bettered. As Jesus said, what you do to your neighbor, you do to him: KES 21,000 provides the annual cost for an urban child attending the PCEA K-8 Presbyterian Education Centre set in…Keep Reading

Why you should consider volunteering more often you should consider volunteering more often

  olunteering no longer carries the glamour it once had as fewer and fewer people volunteer. Juggling between work, academics and social obligations in today’s modern society might make it seem like it is impossible to find time to volunteer. However, there are important health benefits that come from volunteering like reduced stress levels, strengthened immune system, and an overall increase in your life satisfaction. This is because helping someone…Keep Reading

Wairimu gets an Early Easter Gift gets an Early Easter Gift

Wairimu has a reason to smile this Easter after she received a car from the presbytery and Ruai parish to help her move around. Ruth Wairimu Karanja, a mother of three was awarded a car due to the efforts of PCEA Nairobi East Presbytery and Ruai parish after her case was brought to the limelight by her parish members to the presbytery. “Naked, and ye clothed me: I was sick,…Keep Reading