Nairobi East Presbytery Centennial Celebration & 10 Year Anniversary at PCEA UNITY CHURCH


Presbytery moderator Rev David Muthui led the celebrations to commemorate the momentous milestone, the formation of the first local Kirk Session and ordination of first African Elders 100 years ago and the celebration of PCEA Unity Parish 10 Years Anniversary at PCEA UNITY CHURCH.

The light has been burning since 1920 and is still burning stronger in 2020.

As we commemorate this milestone, the formation of the first local Kirk session and ordination of first African Elders 100 years ago, we are indebted to the almighty God for endowing them with the spirit of humility and service. We celebrate the African church workers in various departments and missions that have sacrificed their time, energy, and resources for the sake of the church of Christ. Their families celebrate with us their rich heritage of the service to God and obvious blessings that the Lord has showered upon them. Their testimonies are witnesses to the promise that God never abandons his servants who have served him devotedly.

The challenges before us are many, the workers few, but the Master is still saying – “I shall not forsake you” as nothing is impossible with him. May God bless us all as we celebrate this great event, the pioneering work and dedication of Elders of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa. Let us therefore re-dedicate ourselves not only for the coming 100 years and respond to the command of Jesus Christ to go to all corners and continue bearing lasting fruits for our Master.


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