Incorporate the corporal works of mercy into your life


Jesus Christ in the New Testament teaches the believers on how we should live with one another by showing compassion. ‘The corporal works of mercy’ comprises of the key charitable actions and ways that we treat those in need in our society. In most cases, this corresponds to the ways we live and how we live with our neighbors. These actions help us in strengthening our relationship with God. One of the ways we can show mercy is by feeding the hungry. Jesus was able to demonstrate this when he divided five loaves of bread and two fish among a multitude of people. In our modern society, we can show mercy by providing food to the less fortunate and visiting children’s homes and distributing basic needs to them.

Second, we can show mercy to the less fortunate and homeless individuals in the streets by providing shelters. In contemporary society, the number of people living in the streets continues to increase, and it is our duty as Christians to lend a helping hand. We ought to understand that the homeless people are also creations of God and it is our responsibility to take care of one another. Third, we should also show mercy by visiting the sick and prisoners. This is a good gesture which encourages this individual not to lose hope in life. In addition to this, we should always pray for those who lack basic needs as a sign of showing care and compassion for others.


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