How to keep your children entertained during the school holidays


Most often, the most daunting task for parents during the holidays is how to keep the children amused, especially faced with a shortage of time due to the modern living schedule. Topping that with the current high cost of living, parents have limited options when it comes to engaging their children. The following are top tips to help some of the stress of it and keep everyone happy without having to spend a fortune.

Going out and about

It is the holiday season and sure enough, there may be lots going on in your local area that your family can take advantage, free. For instance, check the websites of your local tourist information centers for local days out. In addition, many libraries hold special events such as story time for children and parents.

It is time to check whether your local swimming pool offers free or reduced-fee entrance. Most of them have amazing offers during the school holidays.

Museums and galleries are also a good place to check for summer events. Most of them, often have new exhibitions and special events for children and families that can boost your artistic streak.

Staying at home

Unfortunately, for some of us, we might find ourselves stuck at home but that does not mean anyone has to be bored. The home alone time can be an opportunity to spend some time together sharing favorite games or stories with your children. Some of the fun activities at home include:

  • Bring the movies home-with technology, bringing the box office home has been made easier than ever and a lot more cost effective.
  • Cooking with the kids- why not get the kids to pick on new recipes and cook something together that you can enjoy eating afterward. For instance, making customized cupcakes can be a fun way to kick the holiday in the kitchen.
  • Build a den or a fort- gathering all the blankets, couches, pillows, and chairs to make a fort can be a fun way to bring the extra fun out of school holidays.
  • Tea parties-fun tea parties in the backyard can be an awesome time killer.
  • Magic shows- everyone has some old clothing that can be used as props ad if you have a camera, a few great memories can be captured.

Outdoors is good

Since we are going to have a lot of sunny days, some outdoor activity may be necessary. The following activities can be done close to home or around the neighborhood.

  • Treasure hunts- this can be organized around your home and garden. Just arrange clues and treats for the children to find.
  • Ball games- to make it a little fun, you can hold your own mini Olympics
  • Wrap up and go for a nice walk in the park with the children
  • For those with tents, arrange a camping trip in your garden for a night.
  • The windy days can be a nice opportunity to make those giant kites and fly them.

Making your own fun

It is time to be creative- make things such as greeting cards or jewelry to pass time. The children can have an arts and crafts day where they get some canvas and make their own creation in their rooms. In addition, the children can revisit their childhood games to add fun. Finally, the children can research the instructions for making fun things such as origami.

Having fun with your kids does not need rocket science to nail it. These simple ideas can relieve you the anxiety while bringing extra fun to the holidays.


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