How to cope with exam failure


It is human nature to fail and endure hardships in life. In the book of James chapter three verse 2, the Bible highlights that ‘we all stumble in many ways,’ and one of the ways can be through exam failure. When we fail our exams, we are often depressed and feel like giving up in life due to the struggle and effort that we use to study and prepare. In other cases when you experience exam failure, you feel like giving up, but that should not be the way forward instead we should focus on a better future. In Psalms 145: 4 we are informed that the Lord uplifts those who are down and upholds the believers who fall. Therefore exam failure should not be a reason for one to give up life but instead one should continue to pray and ask God to help since He urges to ask for help when we are burdened.

The first to understand is that you are not the only one going through a tough time. Everybody goes through failure at one point in their lives, and some of them even go through worse situations than we can imagine. This is an encouragement to focus more on studying for the next exam and aim at achieving a higher grade. Furthermore, when experiencing failure, we should understand that this is only a temporary situation. Second, during such a tough time it is advisable to remain calm and not make a rushed decision. To achieve this, we can read bible stories of individuals who through hard times such as Job and try to learn a few things about patients and trusting in the Lord.

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