What to do in case of a terrorist attack


Terrorism is a major security issue in the 21st century. Due to instability in various regions around the world, especially in the Middle East, militias and groups such as the Al Qaeda and ISIS have taken control. With governments trying to suppress their influence, terrorist groups retaliate by conducting attacks to instill fear. These attacks have become a thorn in societies around the world as the death toll rises. Even with significant developments in surveillance, it is near impossible to predict where these attacks are planned to happen. As such, it is essential to know how to react during a terrorist attack given their unpredictability.
International terrorism is at its highest peak with many countries including Kenya involved in its control being major targets of attacks. In case you find yourself in such a situation, the best option is to run to a safe place. Before moving to the chosen route, it is important to assess factors such as safety quickly. Moreover, it is crucial that you leave your belongings and if you are with a group of people, urge them to follow you if you are sure that the route is safe. It is a far better option than to surrender or negotiate because the attacks aim at having as many casualties as possible. If you are trapped and cannot run, seek a safe place to hide and try keep still as much as you can, and do not move until you are sure that the situation is under control or when a police rescue team begins evacuation. When hiding, ensure that you have good cover from gunfire. As bullets can pass through materials such as glass and wood, ensure that you have heavy cover such as walls. Also, when choosing you hiding spot, ensure that it has an exit route so that you will not get trapped in case the attacker spots you. Furthermore, it is important to choose a good place because if you can see the attacker, it means that he/she could probably get a visual as well.
When you find a good hiding spot, ensure that your phone is mute and try and communicate with the police to inform them of the details of the attack, which include position, descriptions, and number of attackers seen. If you know types of weapon, you can alert the police so that they can be prepared better. Finally, make sure that you provide information on the number and location of people hurt or hiding if you know of any. If you manage to get out safely on your own, alert others so that they can keep off the unsafe zone.
Terror attacks are very horrifying and can induce panic attacks. It is important to try and to keep calm and seek safety. The above steps can be very instrumental in your protection as wells as of others caught in the situation.

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