The morals of our stories


In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

My parents stored comic books for me for years, until I finally packed them up and brought them home. Then I read them again.

In an instant the story lines came back to me; good guys tried to be good, bad guys who in many cases thought they were being good. Who knew life could be full of such more confusion?

The years have taught me that, in reality, life is plenty full of moral confusion. Many times I have done what I thought was the right thing only to cause hurt to people I cared about. Many times I have convinced myself I was doing the right thing while I pursued my advantage at the expense of someone else. Many times it seems I have done the right thing by sheer accident.

Have you ever listened to people being introduced” only good things are mentioned. What about the eulogy being read? You can think the one to be buried was a brother to Angel Gabriel. The written tributes from the grandchildren? Fantastic and artistic.

At times I like politicians because they tell it on the face. If you are a thief, they call you a thief and a hypocrite is nothing else but a hypocrite.

If people were to tell the truth about you devoid of all comics and drama; what do you think they would say about you? What name do you think they would give you?

  • Let’s make this Easter Festive season a time of truthfulness
  • Let’s shun away all fakeness and write the true story as written in Heaven.
  • Let’s make our deeds and actions so simple such that they would require no explanations.

Fortunately, we are shepherded by a moral God who defines the good for us. Comic books may tell fantasy stories of moral ambiguity, but God writes our stories, and he tells the truth about us.

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