Strive for excellence

  • -Excellence leave no work undone, half done or not finished.
  • -Excellence is a journey driven by quality and not necessarily quantity.
  • -In excellence everything has:
    • -Dimensions
    • -Standards
    • -Targets
    • -Goals.
  • -It is a journey of adjustments and recalibration.
  • -It is never a destination but a journey towards the perfection.
  • -Excellence is the thumb print that identifies the great doer.
  • -Excellence is a lifetime commitment to:
    • -Discomfort
    • -Improvement
    • -Progress.
  • -Excellence will never pull back until it apprehends the object of pursuit
  • -To pursue excellence demands that you abandon your defensive positions and engage an offensive gear.
  • -In excellence there is no:
    • -Retreat
    • -Retraction
    • -Surrender
  • -Avoid the danger of being average in life.
  • -It is a very dangerous place to live in.
  • -Mediocrity has become a religion, a god worshipped by the lazy.
  • -Excellence is not done until efficiency has spoken, fineness has stood up and distinction has reported the outcome.
  • Stagnation and excellence are two words that cannot complement each other.
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