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Visit our presbytery and share the love all around in our wide community composed of people from all over the world. Learn more about us by surfing our site or visit us physically.

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At Nairobi East presbytery, we are one big family that is constantly growing. Join our community, share the love, and grow with us. Visit us today.

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Daily life hustles sometimes overwhelm us and make us forget our spiritual well-being. Join us today as we nourish our soul and improve our well-being.

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PCEA Nairobi East Presbytery Congregations seminar on 20/2/2016

Congregations chairpersons in meeting today at pcea ruai central church as Rev Dr Charles Kibosh together with presbytery officials take them through. …

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This year GAC meeting is scheduled to be held in april starting from 12th to 17th at Tumutumu girls high school in mt kenya region…

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Presbytery meeting

There will be a presbytery meeting on December 18th at PCEA Unity starting at 3pm….

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We have a school for less privileged kids in Soweto Embakasi. Please donate food or clothes in your local congregation…

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Group Level announcements

Rite of passage

The presbytery has organized rite of passage for boys. Please bring all boys who are of age so that they may tackle the next stage of life fully entrenched in…

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Parish Level announcements

Church dedication

Utawala church dedication will be held on 28/2/2016. Come one, come all….

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  • “The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing. He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside the quiet waters, he refreshes my soul and guides me along the righteous path…”

    A Psalm of David, Psalm 23

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