Ruai West Parish Sub Division Service on 29th November 2020


The Sub-division of P.C.E.A Ruai West into three new parishes took place on November 2009 at P.C.E.A Mwihoko Church. The Moderator of 22nd moderator of P.C.E.A Church Right Reverend Dr Julius G. Mwamba graced the occasion. The Nairobi East presbytery led by presbytery moderator Rev David Muthui conducted the subdivision service. The new parishes created were P.C.E.A Tumaini Parish, P.C.E.A Ruai South Parish and P.C.E.A Njiru Parish.

Message from the moderator

Welcome everyone to this auspicious occasion of sub-dividing PCEA Ruai West Parish. I joined this parish in January 2018 from the TEE department at the head office where I was the director. In joining I realized that the parish had Iaunched a five year strategic plan in 2017. In fact, this sub-division was to happen in the year 2022. We started implementing thus strategic plan and in the process we experienced various challenges, the main one not being able to effectively serve over 4000 members including children who are spread out in the nine congregations that forms PCEA Ruai West Parish.

Session Clerk Message

Having served in Ruai Parish as a session clerk was such a privilege, eye opener, and an experience of its kind. This has been the largest parish in Nairobi East Presbytery with 65 elders.

We have worked in the Lords vineyard in unity, love, and harmony, something we thank the Lord for. Our team leader, Rev Muthungu has stood with us in prayers, spiritual support, and advice. I thank God for his support.

History of PCEA Ruai West Parish

On 9th December 1984, Dandora Parish was carved out of Bahati Parish and some of the congregations of Ruai West were within the parish. By 8th December 1996, Dandora Parish was further sub-divided into three parishes, Dandora, Umoja and Ruai Outreach. There was a remarkable growth which necessitated Ruai the parish, which was under Rev. Simon Kamande to be sub-divided into three parishes on 15th June 2008. The three parishes were Ruai West, Ruai East, and Ruai Central.  Ruai West had four congregations: PCEA St Paul, PCEA St Luke, PCEA Mwihoko, and PCEA Njiru. The first parish bearers were:- Rev. Hiram Mundia as the moderator; Elder Caure Simon Mbothu as Session Clerj; Elder George Kariuki as Treasurer; and Elder Lydia Nyathira Mbuthua as Finance Chairepreson. The other members of the Kirk session at the time were the Late Elder Samuel Kibiku, Elder Speransa Muthoni Nyaga, Elder Martin Kibuku, Elder Robert Kamau Njoroge, Elder Njongoro Kangethe, Elder Selina Wambui Wachira, Elder Nahashon Karobia Wangome. Elder Lydia Nyathira Mbuthia, Elder Charles Muhoro Ngari and Elder Jane Wathoni Muthemba. All groups were inaugurated on the same day.

Parish growth

Since then the Parish has grown and opened up 5 more congregations bringing them to a total of 9 congregations. The additional congregations are:-

Congregation Date Opened
PCEA Emmanuel Church 2001
PCEA St Timothy Church 2013
PCEA Macedonia Church 2015
PCEA Vision Church 2014
PCEA Victory Church 2015

Numerical, Physical, and Spiritual Growth

Driven by our parish motto; ‘attaining to a full measure of the fullness of Christ.’ The Parish have witnessed tremendous growth through bible studies, crusades, fellowship overnight prayers, sports, out doors preaching seminars and TEE. The number of full members gas rose from about 493 in the year 2008 to about 1705 in the year 2020.

Key and instrumental to this growth together alongside the Elders and members of the various congregations a number of ministers have been in service at Ruai West Parish as follows.

Name Year Served
Rev. hiram Mundia 2008 to 2014
Rev David Kamweru 2014 to 03/01/2018
Rev Patrick Mwangi Muthungu 04/01/2018 to date
PCEA Vision Church 2014
PCEA Victory Church 2015

Additional church elders

Due to the numerical growth experienced in the parish, there has been an increase of Church elders from 12 in the year 2008 to 65 currently and 3 retired elders. 2 elders were promoted to Glory while on God’s service.

Parish administration

When our parish started in year 2008, the parish office had the Parish minister, The Secretary, an evangelist and 4 care takers. Today we have the parish minister, the secretary, two evangelists and 9 care takers.

Strategic Plan

We successfully managed to launch and implement part of the strategic plan which has been our road map to where we are today. We celebrate God’s doings.


Looking 12 years back, we can only give all the glory and honor to God for enabling his people to walk this journey of faith and growth. This has taken a lot of dedication, sacrifice, commitment and zeal to be where we are today. As a parish we are proud of who we are and we continue to serve God. We want to most sincerely thank all the ministers who have served in this parish for their visionary leadership.

We thank our members from all the congregations for all their support without which this growth would not have been reaized. Last but not least, we applaud the Nairobi East Presbytery for support, guidance and their presence every time we needed them as we implemented the ambitious growth plans. What do we say then as Ruai West family?

The LORD has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes,:- This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it, Psalm 1 18.23-24

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