Nairobi – Newton May 6th meeting


On May 6 our Newton-Nairobi Partnership Team hosted a gathering of 96 persons who have engaged in participation and support of our relationship with three PCEA presbyteries of Nairobi and associated  mission projects across three decades.  Nairobi Partnership Representatives, Chairman Rev. Samson Mina Wangati and Peter Mruttu were with us, as were PCEA clergy presently serving in the U.S, Rev. Cyprian Kimahti Guchienda and Rev. Dr. P. K. Lawrence Mbagara, with their wives (except Mruttu, who forgot and left Elizabeth behind at Kenyatta Intn’l. Airport).
Seven 1-minute video greetings sent me from some of you were also shared. Keith Barkley, Tom Sheffield, Charlie Ringe and many others came were among us from 14 states in addition to the majority from New Jersey.
You can view the 17-minute narrated slideshow/movie that was presented during the meeting.

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