How to prepare yourself for a major exam


Now that exam season is here, most students now have to pass through this filter to progress to the next stage of their professional careers.

However, nailing it does not use the one fits all strategy. That is why every student must choose what works for them and follow that to the letter. However, there are known steps one can take to make sure they are prepared for any major exam. Stick around to know the top eight strategies for exam preparation.

1# give yourself enough time to study

The biggest mistake that students make is waiting until a week before exams to start perusing their books. If you wait until the last minute, you will find that there is too much to study and there is limited time. One should have an organized timetable that organizes the study time accordingly. This will allow you to balance your work and work on the weaknesses.

2# organize your study space

This is very important because you cannot read your notes at a noisy bus park. You might need a tidy place, with ample lighting, and away from any distractions. Make sure there is a comfortable chair and spacious table to spread out your textbooks and notes.

3# practice on older exams

This is very important because it allows you to get used to the format of questions. Past exams can also help you to time yourself to make sure that you do not lag behind in the exam room. In addition, past exams might have some questions that may appear in your exam because they are acquired from the same books.

4# use diagrams and flow charts

Diagrams and flowcharts are very helpful to track your progress. Visual aids can be very helpful in revising because they are appealing to the eyes and thus stick to the memory for longer. Getting your ideas into this brief format can help you to remember everything you need to know during the exam.

5# organize study groups with friends

There is power in numbers and so they said. Having study groups is a classic way to challenge yourselves through Q&A sessions. So, invite your friends over for an exciting trivia and your memory will certainly be enhanced.

6# take regular breaks

Work and work without play make Jack a dull boy. This is true considering the kind of burnout one experiences after staying on the books for a long time. Studies have shown that regular breaks help in the long-term retention of knowledge. Therefore, go out and catch some sunlight, as vitamin D is important for a healthy brain. Adequate sleep every night is also important in reducing stress levels.

7# eat healthy

We are what we eat, literally! You should always aim to snack on foods that enhance brain function. Science shows that eating superfoods rich in antioxidants can develop the brain and enhance memory. One should eat at least three meals a day comprising of carbs, fiber, protein, and fats. Fruits should also be a staple for students to increase performance. Water should also be taken in plenty to stop dehydrating of the brain.

8# plan your exam day

All the rigorous preparations you have undergone were for this single day so do not mess it all up now. You need to exude a lot of confidence by having all the requirements. You can also go to the exam room with friends as this can work magic on your level of confidence.

Finally, you should say a short prayer and give thanks for everything so far. Prayer is a good way to amplify your psyche to enable you to approach the exam fearlessly. Nothing works better than positive thinking.

Good luck!

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