How to become a Cheerful Giver


“God loves a cheerful giver”- 2 Colosians 9:7

If you have been a Christian for any length of time then you are most likely familiar with his verse. We hear the verse when the congregation’s giving dips too low. We hear it when a missionary comes to share about their ministry. We also hear it when the church is planning to embark on a new project. Personally, when the offering basket is passed and as I grudgingly pull out my wallet, I hear an internal voice in me saying, “Remember, God loves a cheerful giver!”

Why do people sometimes struggle to give cheerfully?

There are several people who are always willing to give their time and money cheerfully. Honestly, it is an enviable trait and it may make it seem that people who do not donate seem as uncaring. However, there are lot of viable reasons preventing donation in today’s society and one should consider their own personal scenario and refrain from judging others as circumstances are different for each person. One should aspire to make an effort no matter how small, donating in kind or even sharing their personal time. Modern economic and social societal settings may make it difficult to find the resources or a suitable opportunity to give, however, a small effort even when directed towards only one person will make a great difference.

Modern society has created many scams that discourage even a willing giver. Perhaps one has had a rough past with cheerful giving whereby people abused his or her generosity. Honestly, I have been a victim not once that people including religious leaders have caused me to become skeptical, and thus deprived my cheerful attitude.  Therefore, I think everyone has the right to choose how they spend their money, time, and even attitude. In addition, I think that our theology and Christian faith should not be led by emotions, and rather should be reinforced by prayer and trust in the Lord. We should ask that the Holy Spirit guides us and inspires us on how best to help those who are immediately next to us, who are usually in the greatest need.

How then can we become Cheerful Givers?

Well, I do not have a magic cure for this but I do know that whatever we have been given in this world is not ours. It is 100 percent God’s money and time. Thus if we have been disappointed in the past, we should learn from those experiences and prayerfully rejoice that we did not lose everything. Finally, Christians should always prayerfully seek to have God’s attitude rather than our own. If God can restore what you lost, then he can sure restore the time and money we donate to his service. Having God’s attitude of generosity can bring the sense of cheerfulness our way. We are his agent on earth and God will use us to make a difference in someones life by sending the Holy Ghost to us, who then guides us to where we are needed most.

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