How to achieve a worry-free exam with God’s help


Exams are like obstacles in our lives which can increase anxiety and worry which is often not a good thing especially during an examination. Anxiety creates panic which accumulates to fear. This in return reduces one’s confidence and makes it difficult to tackle questions. However, as a Christian, it is important to remember that through prayer nothing is impossible. In the book of Philippians 4:6 we are encouraged that ‘in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be known to God.’ This verse teaches us to remain calm and trust in the Lord through prayer especially in stressful situations such as during exams.

As a Christian, it is advisable to pray before starting an exam. Prayers play a crucial role in enabling us to achieve a worry-free exam period. Through prayers, we submit our worries to the able hands of our Father. This creates a sense of calmness in our hearts which as results clears our minds enabling us to focus more on answering the questions. Prayer allows us to focus more on the positive side of things which is an excellent approach to reducing anxiety and worry during an exam.

Second, as Christians, we can reduce anxiety during exams by thinking about the good things that our Lord has blessed us with and not to worry about everything else. In Philippians 4: 8 the Bible continuous to urge us to only think of ‘whatsoever things that are pure’ and to not only think of good things but good Godly things. These practices are essential in achieving calmness and reducing worry during exams.

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